March 01, 2011

25 Thousand Pageviews!

OK guys.
Last month we received a fantastic 20.000 page views.....we thought that was going to be hard to beat. But in the month of February we went above and beyond!
LAST month we gained 5000 more views than before!
Now if you think about it we are quickly gaining views....and that is great!

Maybe this month 30 Thousand???
Lets see whats in store for March!


  1. Ohh i see
    Well for one the gadget is frozen.
    And two
    Ill add a pic

  2. Ohhhh and also anon.
    We actually gained 25 000 pageviews as i looked at in the stats page. If you dont like the site just leave insted of trying to ruin everybody elses time.

  3. Really?...? Devil anon? Thats the best troll nickname you can come up with?.....Jesus Christ