March 16, 2011

Esek64 interview

1.Why Did you start brickfilming?
1) In 2007, my dad told me how to make stopmotion. I used a videocamera and I tried making a movie. I totally butchered it, (Crimson Jedi Movie) but I had a lot of fun. Then there was Lego's "Lego Star Wars MovieMaking Contest" and I made a movie for that. From there, I started uploading to youtube and now...well. :)
I want people to know, I was HORRIBLE at stopmotion 4 years ago, but practice makes perfect. Watching movies and seeing how they're filmed really will improve your movies.

2.Who are your favorite animators?
2) My favorite brickfilmers are xxxfancypantsxxx and zachmg. They both have incredible animation skills and a great sense of pacing. Pacing is really important in a movie to build tension. These guys do it really really well. My favorite brickfilms would definitely have to be "The Game and "The Lego Force Unleashed" by Mr. Fancypants. My jaw dropped when I saw the Lego Forced Unleashed.

3.What Is your favorite LEGO set?
3) I don't know. I like the Agents Truck Command Center Thing and the Republic Gunship.

4.Did you ever think you would become this well known?
4) No way. I remember in 2007, being really happy when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, not only because of the book but because we had gotten a total of 100 views and that was almost two weeks after uploading!

5.What Brickfilm was the best to work on?
5) The Blink Another Day Series was really really fun to make. I basically just made up a bunch of stunts and this series was always an excuse to try them. The end stunts in BAD4 and BAD5 were both just progressive ideas... (ex) What if someone slid under this truck? Then what was falling over as he was sliding under...) Anyway it was a lot of fun. One thing that I have to say though is a caution at doing "series", because it puts a lot of pressure on you. Most Dangerous Game is going to be the last time I ever do a series.

6.Are You family and friends supportive?
6) Yeah, my family and friends have been supportive. I haven't really had many issues with it.

7.Any Tips?
7)Tips? Well,

1) Watch movies to get a sense of how things are filmed and edited. Why is this scene exciting or boring? People have really short attention spans. When editing, always try to cut something shorter. It really makes things better.

2) Close ups. They add so much to a movie. It helps people connect more with a movie.

3) You don't need great special effects to make a good movie. Really. It's true. Just do whatever. Try to think of ways to make a cool video without SFX. That's why I'm having so much trouble with my latest project. Photoshopping lasers in is a really painful process.

8.When Do you plan to "retire" from brickfilming?
8) I plan on making movies for a very long time. Though I might not upload too frequently later, I still hope I never completely quit.

9.Have you ever had some some "fights" on YouTube?
9) The only two issues I've had on youtube are two times when people have taken my movies and posted them as their own. It might seem small, but it's really irritating. One person even went as far as to say that "They had helped my make Blink Another Day 3."

10.What Future video's do you plan to release?
10) I plan to finish the Most Dangerous Game Series. (Though it's proving difficult) Then just release a bunch of short movies with interesting ideas or twists. I'm really looking forward to not being pressured by MDG. It's sort of annoying. But don't worry, I'll end it well. :)
My dad every once in a while uploads a video and he's working on a series so there'll still be a series from him.

I have to thank Esek64 to be around for this wonderfull interview!

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