March 08, 2011

Lego Master Builder Academy

In a recent Lego club magazine Lego left us a small message about a new thing called Master Builder Academy. What this is, is pretty much an academy for learning new ways to work with Lego. This program is a small step process that will have a big result on your building skills this is what Lego says about this program soon to be. "Hey out there, LEGO Club and LEGO BrickMaster members! Here at The LEGO Group, we’re busy getting ready to launch something new that we think you’ll really like: the LEGO Master Builder Academy!

The mission of the LEGO Master Builder Academy program is simple: “Take Your Building to the Next Level”. And what do we mean by that? We want to help you use the expertise and official techniques of the real LEGO Master Builders to discover how to create better, stronger and cooler-looking models that you design all by yourself!

LEGO MBA will be a multi-level LEGO training experience. You know how in martial arts like karate, there are different colored belts that signify a level of achievement and rank? LEGO MBA will be like that too, with multiple levels of achievement. Each level has its own special color, but instead of a belt, you’ll receive a new exclusive MBA Minifigure in the color of the latest building skill level that you’ve achieved!

The first year of the LEGO MBA program features two skill levels – green Level 1 and yellow Level 2 – with more to come later on. You’ll master each level through exclusive LEGO MBA building kits and technique-filled Design Handbooks, three per level, each including pieces and instructions dedicated to a famous theme like space, robots, cars and more.
You'll be able to find additional challenges and building ideas on the Lego MBA website, along with skill tests to level up your building even more. As you meet and beat each challenge, your friends and family will be amazed at how much your building skills and creativity have advanced!
So what do you say? Want to take your Lego building to the next level? Get ready, because the all-new Lego's Master Builder Academy launches this June in the US with plans to expand to other markets next year."
Lego is clearly working hard on this new project and hopefully it will turn out successful and be yet another great tool for Lego fans to turn to when needed.
The Lego Master Builder Academy launches in June! Pre-orders start May 1st on

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