April 07, 2011

Lego Digital Designer 4.1 released

After a long wait, Lego Digital Designer 4.1 is finally here!

For all of you who like building with Lego will utterly love building with virtual Lego. numerous new gear has been added to LDD including lots of new features and pieces. Some changes Lego has made to LDD is... Hero Factory/ bionical parts are now available in the LDD database. alas with all these new pieces being added, a few have to go. :( At this time Lego is no longer selling their baseplates in LDD. This will be a very big change so for now we all need to rely on standard plates.

The main change in LDD community is the introduction of Universe mode. Universe mode is similar to design by me. Except with a grander scale of pieces. Universe mode consists of pieces not accessible in Pick A Brick in every color imaginable, but not all the pieces in this mode are purchasable so once your creation is completed you cannot purchase it.

there are some optimistic and pessimistic opinions about this new version of LDD but generally it was an improvement (In my eyes anyhow.)

Please let me know your view of the new Lego Digital Designer.

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  1. I think this review turned out fairly nice. Not the best, please you crazy annons don't attack me. If you don't like the redview please tell me what i can do better. And go into detail. I want to know!! :D