May 30, 2011


Once again guys, TheBrickUpdate is looking to hire authors to its ranks. By Midsummer, or august, I'd personally like for the author numbers to be up to 50 so believe me, there's plenty of room for all of you. Unfortunatly, last time the applications were submitted, I didnt recieve defined articles. If you wish to apply for an author spot here are the rules once again:

- Must be 13 Years of Age or Older (Some exceptions may be made)
- You must have a good knowledge of spelling and grammar and have a confident writing ability.
- You must post an article at least twice weekly (More if you can)
- You need to be friendly, patient and willing to help out our loyal readers with any questions or concerns they may have.
- You need to have Skype, Flickr or be willing to communicate with us over E-Mail.

This time though, I must stress please submit all applications to my email: . Once again, thank you, and do your best! If you're not hired now, remember: the staff will be eventually filled to full capacity of 100 authors within the next two years, so dont worry! You still have a great chance to be hired; dont let it slip away!

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  1. I sent you an email... Please reply if you received it. Thanks.