May 15, 2011

BrickArms Release- June 2011

Special thanks to Will Chapmen (owner of BrickArms) for letting us give the viewers of TheBrickUpdate a look at BrickArms June 2011 release!

So, whats coming? Well the long awaited BrickArms Minigun (mini-machine turret / holdable weapon) along with the BrickArms Raygun and lastly the Tactical Sword! All these prototype BA weapons are being put into mass production for resellers. All set to be released on June 1st 2011 at 12:00 A.M Pacific Time (3:00 A.M Eastern / 2:00 A.M Central) From all BrickArms Resellers! So those of you who have these weapons which have been considered prototypes for the last year.... your luck has run short (cause these weapons are going be only worth for what they sell for).

Here are pictures provided by BrickArms themselfs! Enjoy! (Pricing: $8 Minigun $1 Tactical Sword $1.50 Ray Gun)

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