May 14, 2011

TBU Make-Over

Well guys, even though in the past couple months views have dropped here at TBU, we've still come a long way. Way back in October of 2010, this Community lego site was created just a little hobby between two former authors; and since then, it has blossomed into a high rate News website that has been the home to many Lego builders, modelers, customizers, and creators from across the globe. They are the reason that the staff has worked very hard to keep the site running. Even so, I am reluctant to say that TheBrickUpdate has wilted in the spotlight and has started to fall apart. For those who call this place home, we can not let this is because of that, I formerly declare that will undergo a fantastic, and complete make-over. In the next few months, 50 authors will be hired and will take their place in the continually evolving world of Lego News. Just recently, this website has passed 100,000 total views in our short history, but after these alterations, this site will be completely new and opperate at peak efficiency. Thanks all of you guys: fans, followers, believers, daily-comers, and WELCOME THEBRICKUPDATE OF THE FUTURE!!!!

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