June 18, 2011

Brickfilm Review: Doctor Who - Data Connection by Lisaisanut

Lego Doctor Who: Episode 1 – Data Connection

For any Doctor Who and LEGO fans out there, this is a fantastic Doctor Who Brickfilm and, along with BenTheCreator, Lisaisanut is up there as one of the leading Who Brickfilmers! This is the first episode in a series of 6.

Within 10 seconds, we already know who the monsters are (I won’t reveal it) and then we get a full title sequence, which lisaisanut rendered really well! Then the TARDIS lands, where we get some nice dialogue between The Doctor and Amy, both of whom were voiced very well. Immediately, they are confronted by my favourite character in the episode, Dee Furlong (again, I won’t reveal exactly who he is), who threatens the TARDIS travellers with a gun!

We then get a nice chase scene, before the Doctor resolves everything very nicely!

The episode is very fast-paced, and each scene races past, and the stop motion is very smooth. The mouths of the minifigures “move” as they talk and there is some nice CGI in there as well, all adding to the viewing experience! All in all, a nice, smooth, action-packed episode and I look forward to the rest of Lisaisanut’s series, which looks good judging by his latest trailer!

Stay tuned for more brickfilm reviews from DWSWTW52!

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