June 19, 2011


Hey guys, Its me CtCustoms here with LWStoriesAnimations after Brickworld and we have some very important news we just recieved! Today, just minutes ago, we were shown the new BrickForge Prototypes to be released in two weeks! Yes guys, the need for these accesories in many a Brickfilm and MOC has finally been met. Now without further ado, I present BrickForge's new wave!

Here, you see detailed pictures of the new ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) helmet and armor:

ODST Helmets


ODST Armor

 As you can see, not only did Brickforge beat the famous creators at Hazel Fantasy Work and United Armory, but the quality is incredible and definitely worth the price. The ODST Helmet Visor will be printed in metacllic gold, silver, blue, and possibly metallic red. All these possibilities are combined with the options of getting the helmet main piece and body armor in black, gunmetal, grey, and possibly a few other undetermined colors will also be casted.

SWAT Helmet

SWAT Armor

Here, the newly created SWAT Helmet and Armor is very realistic, and once again very much worth the cash. These are definitely a necessity to make any of your LEGO City Elite Forces Customs much more realistic and much more detailed.

Police Officer Hat

Here, the last figure equipment piece we have heard about so far is the Police Officer Hat which is good for your City police forces, WW2 officers, Space Admirals, and any other characters you can imagine.

But beside these to modify the appearance of your figure, what would Master Chief be without the iconic sniper, shotgun, and battle rifle of the Halo franchise!Now, Brickforge is making these weapons to go with their best-selling Spartan 1,2 armor. These too will be released within 2 or 3 weeks so make sure to check out their website and store to see more and to purchase them in the near future. Here's a link to their store, and check it out! http://www.brickforge.com/

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