June 21, 2011

New 2011 Hoth Echo Base Pictures found

Hello everyone!

Let me first off introduce myself.

I'm Legodude4444 of Youtube and Flickr, but you guys can call
me just Thom. Well, I work here now as a Newsreporter. So I will keep you guys up to date of the lego news. I'm mainly interested in Star Wars, but Vikings is my second favorite. But now on to the article: The new Star Wars 2011 7879 Hoth Echo Base pictures.

I was surfing around the web and than I went to the Brickipedia and found out they found some pictures of the 7879 Hoth Echo Base set. So, I'll show you now the picture of the box

So, As you see you get Han Solo, Two Imperial Snowtroopers, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, R-3PO, Medical droid, Luke Skywalker in Becta Tank version and a Tauntaun.

The base looks pretty good, It makes me think about the Battle of Endor base.

That's it for this time..


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