July 22, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with EpicAnim8tor!

This is the first in a series of many interviews with brickfilmers on YouTube. I discuss future upcoming Brickfilms, their animating techniques and also find out about their favourite LEGO themes!

Today's interview features EpicAnim8tor, otherwise known as Elijah Harry (but he's fine with Eli!), a hugely underrated brickfilmer in my opinion. He has been animating since he was 5 years old, but only joined You Tube recently. As you will find out, he has only uploaded one brickfilm onto you tube, but has many more planned! He recently hit 1,000 upload views, but only has 54 subscribers. However, he deserves many more, so please, if you are reading this and have a you tube account, go and subscribe to him by following the link to his channel at the end of the interview! 

EpicAnim8tor's "profile pic" on YT
Q: What frame-rate do you work with?

A: I usually work at about 24 FPS. I sometimes use different frame-rates, all within the range of 17-24 FPS.

Q: Will you consider doing some MOCs as well or will you stick to stop motion?

A: Well, I do make some MOCs, such as vehicles and other minuscule things. I haven't really made any large scale MOCs (like forests or bases), but I consider I might for scenes in stop-motions.

Q: Your first stop motion, Mandalorian Melee, featured an interesting mix of stop motion and video, enhancing the battle. Will you be re-using this method in the future?

A: Most likely not, I honestly did that because I figured it would probably look alright and I was too busy with another film to take the time to do any masking.

Q: What future Brickfilms do you plan to produce? Any big plans?

A: I have quite a few future brickfilms on my mind I plan to do. Yes, I plan on making a LEGO Star Wars saga or even a few. But, you'll just have to wait and see. :D

Q: What is your favourite LEGO theme and why?

A: LEGO Star Wars. I've always liked LEGOs and I have a great interest in Star Wars. I think the two go excellent together.

Q: Who is your favourite brickfilmer and why?

A: I honestly don't have one favourite, but spugesdu, xxxfancypantsxxx, Paganomation, and many others have been spectacular inspirations for me and are some of my favourites.

Mandalorian Melee
Thank you very much for letting us interview you! Stay tuned for more interviews with brickfilmers and of course, TheBrickUpdate brickfilm review!

EpicAnim8tor's channel
One of EpicAnim8tor's stop-motion videos

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