July 23, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with BenTheCreator

Today's interview is with BenTheCreator. You can probably guess his name from that... Ben is a LEGO Doctor Who brickfilmer, with 627 subscribers at the time of writing! He has many custom Doctor Who minifigures and is working on a Doctor Who series. Read on for some teasers and find out some more about Ben!

Ben's "profile pic" on YT
Q: Talk us through the process of production! How long did it take to write the scripts? How long do you think it took to animate everything?

A: Took about two months to get all the scripts done. I was stuck for awhile when it came to writing the stories, just had no idea where to start. Luckily, some other YouTubers helped me out by sending me ideas, and even whole scripts that I could use. As for the animation, that has been going on for over three months now, and still have more to do.

Q: What about the editing?

A: The last couple of weeks I've been doing a lot of editing. Working on a few space scenes, adjusting the light in a bunch of clips, adding explosions, all that good stuff. :)

Q: How do you create the effect of the TARDIS landing?

A: Can I just skip this question? Believe it or not it's actually kind of complicated how I do it, and I'm really horrible at explaining things sometimes. :/ (Oh well :P, ed)

Q: Can you give readers any exclusive teasers for Episode 1: The Invasion?

Ben's custom Weeping Angel
A: "The Invasion of Earth is just the beginning..."

That's really all I got... Oh wait, there is one more thing.

The Doctor -- "I'm Ginger!"
(This is an ongoing joke in the real Doctor Who - if you don't watch it you might not get it... ed)

Q: On flickr, you have shown your custom Daleks, Doctors, K-9 and many more! Are there any other monsters that you will try to recreate in LEGO form? How do you go about making the figures?

xxxfancypantsxxx - Ben's fav Brickfilmer
A: I got a few more ideas. I'm actually working on a LEGO Sontaren right now. Usually when I make a custom LEGO figure, I pull up a picture on my computer of whoever I want to recreate, and just start digging around in my LEGO Boxes for pieces.

Q: Who is your favourite brickfilmer?

A: My favorite is xxxfancypantsxxx. His animation is amazing and it really inspired me to do better in my own videos.

Ben's custom DALEK!

Q: Any advice for brickfilmers who are starting out?

A:  I'm not really sure I'm qualified to give advice. That and I have no idea what to say so...

Thanks a lot for your time! Check out the links below for Ben's Youtube and Flickr pages, and some of his videos!

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