July 19, 2011

Giant Lego scammer/thief Is Gone.

A YouTube/Flickr user just left today known as LegoSetspokemoncards.
If you do not know who he is he has stolen MULTIPLE people's work including false claims of being related to famous MOC builders and has also scammed many people through contests and trading also claiming that the prizes are CAC and instead just getting address stolen.
He was also part of a full out skype scam over 7 months ago him posing as Tyler Of CloneArmy Customs And scammed many people out of their addresses. Also on his video's he claimed to have made the Giant Lego Hoth base made by mark borlase saying he was his son (Age 13) when also claiming to go to college with CAC. I am also personal friends of some who got scammed by him.
So now the internet is finally rid of the scammer/thief known as Legosetspokemoncards

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