July 20, 2011

Set review: 8091 - Republic Swamp Speeder

LEGO Star Wars: 8091: Republic Swamp Speeder REVIEW

Put quite simply, I bought this set for the minifigures. This is the only boasts an ordinary Clone with a phase II helmet, which is my favourite version and Barriss Offee, who LEGO have made perfectly. The three droids were also great.

So what about the set itself? It's cleverly constructed and the finished product looks great. The way you can move the wheels and change their direction by moving the engine at the back is clever. The parts included in the set are also rare and I like the control panels. However, this set is veeeery overpriced. Both the size of the product and the piece to price ratio reflect this. It should cost a maximum of £20, not £29.99. Also, the flick missiles don't work well(as usual).

So, to recap:
Pros: minifigs, swamp speeder looks good, clever device to change direction of speeder
Cons: flick missiles, overpriced.

This set is good for the minifigures and it looks good, but the fact that it is overpriced lets it down.

RATING OUT OF 10: 7/10

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