August 24, 2011

Brickfilm Review: Terror by LordBarrick

What a strange brickfilm this is! This short film by Lord Barrick certainly doesn't fail to confuse me!

I think the plot is that a smugglers ship picks up a wrecked ship in the Ord Mantell system, and they think they've found something that will make them lucky, but one by one the crew get picked off...

The narration throughout the film is a nice plot device. It's nice that the narrator, who is a crew member, has no idea what happens to each crew member, but WE do get to see their fates.

Onto the more technical side of things, there is a beautiful CGI shot of the Ord Mantell system, with the smugglers' ship travelling past the camera towards the wrecked ship! The lighting is also very impressive indeed, as is the sound. The animation isn't the best, and the plot is obviously a bit hit and miss, but as the Lord himself says, "it's not supposed to make sense". It's not particularly scary, so Terror is a bit misleading as a title. Also, I don't really get the relevance of the first scene on the Imperial ship...

Although not his best work, Lord Barrick has succeeded in producing another entertaining brickfilm. The plot is weird but engaging, and many technical aspects are beautifully done.

Plot: 7/10
Lighting and Sound: 10/10
Voice: 9/10
Overall: 8.9/10 Amazing!

Link to video
LordBarrick's channel

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