August 30, 2011

A new era for the LEGO community

After a long-running scandal, all of Legoboy's (otherwise known as David) channels have been suspended by Youtube for repeated copyright infringement. As previously reported, Legoboy did have his alternative channel hacked, resulting in all the videos there being deleted and a new inappropriate video being uploaded in their place. Many suspect that Ghartso filed some of the copyright claims which have resulted in all of legoboy's videos being removed. Some have even suspected Spugesdu, aka Gareth Pugh, and Pizzamovies, to be a part of it. But, as they say on their news feeds, that is pretty ridiculous. But the probable reason for David's suspension was that he really had been frequently breaching Youtube's copyright policy. Maybe he had it coming to him...If he was hacked, then that really is unacceptable and has got to stop...  Still, this might let other reviewers and brickfilmers take David's place. Landings of Nadiem was taking way to long anyway...

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