August 13, 2011

TheBrickUpdate Banner Contest!

Hey all you lego fans! If any of you have ever been interested in creating a banner for TBU, now's your chance! TheBrickUpdate Bannner Contest starts now and gives you until September 30 to finish! There are some basic rules involved, but they are very simple. First, no innapropriate images, terms, or phrases will be tolerated. Also unacceptable are racial, or insensitive terms relating to an ethnic group or conglomerate of hobby-goers. And a little tip: make it look cool guys, we're looking for something that jumps out at the viewers, and makes them just say, WOW! Besides that, good luck with it, and have fun!

Not only will this be the first contest centered here at TBU, but it will mark the beginning of a marathon of LEGO-related contests as well as the launch of a new improved forum and an expansion of staff! So, hang around folks... its about to get started!

If interested in applying for authorship/moderator duties, contact me: CTC. at If you apply to be an author, be ready to test your skills

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