October 11, 2011

Community 101-Maybe If some of our other memebers went by this, they could actually be civilized...

To all of you out there, I'd just like to point something out...

In the past few days, a small "Flame-war" as some are calling it (I'd prefer to call it a "Disagreement") had broken out between Wilco66 and Myself/TheBrickUpdate. But before I go on, I'd like to thank and predominantly congratulate Will for realizing his mistake and being mature and responsible. But on the other hand, we're seeing more and more constantly that the smallest infractions break out inevitably into insulting, degrading word engagements that eventually often lead to people quitting and leaving their hobby due to these petty arguements.
So just a thought, maybe some of us can actually raise our maturity level above that of the average five year old and respond to any hate, trolling, or rude comments with an actually responsible answer. Just saying guys, its not that hard. Thanks again Will, and everyone else for being a respectable part of the Lego Community.

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