October 10, 2011


To all viewers of TheBrickUpdate, I'm writing this in direct response to Wilco66's immature artical that was his way of answering to my letter to him:

"Dear Mr. Wilco66,
As a response to you recent post to Bricktuts.com, I felt it necessary to notify you of several facts that you're story did not include that may clarify what happened refering to TheBrickUpdate.com.
To your first point, the duplo comment that began your article was a most unacceptable and severely lacked "Civility" as you put it. But furthermore, The other administrators (Michael-DMotion, Noah-NP9Productions) were demoted for acceptable reasons. Dmotion's reasons for departure were personal, and family. He had first off lost interest in the Lego Community and was considering stepping down in any event. So in turn, his demoting was simply a matter of keeping employed on the site until further notice of his departure and/or reinterest. NP9Production's demoting was in fact a result of his lackidasical way of going about his responsibilities. After four and one half standard months of little to no productivity from his acoount, it is resonable to have demoted him in my position. On the other hand, you demoting was simply in result of your computer and technological difficulties. In your absence, I simply put your Adminstrative powers on standby until your return.
With that, I move on to matter of your notification of return. I sent you several skype and youtube Personal Messages, letting you know that you hadnt done anything out of line, but that your "Adminship" was simply suspended until your problems were resolved and you could reassume the responsibilities of Administrator of TheBrickUpdate. You in turn did not notify me that you had returned to work, and that your computer issues had been resolved. In turn, I had no inkling that you had come back from your absence. If properly notified, I would have immediately returned all powers formerly vested in you.
As to your comments about "greediness" and "taking all of the money for himself" are also falliable and unacceptable being that you had no idea as to what had happened during your absence. If you had properly notified me of you return as previously stated, you would have been returned to the pay roll and would have once again be part of the Administrative staff.
Finally, about the comments of the quality of writing on this site. Some are indeed acceptable seeing as they are your opinion, but others such as the accusations of copying and stealing other's work are not based on fact and are once again fallible due to, that in your ignorance of the fact, that the initial articles written by some of the new authors were indeed taken from other websites but that the problem had been quickly dealt with and had been met with judicial action.
I hope this stifles the incorrect facts that have been spewed out onto the internet through your recent article, and if you wish, you position, still open, is available to you. After explanation, I hope the course of events from the past few months has been clarified and that you are no longer distrought over incorrect information. Thank you for your time, and hopefully this quells any further inconsequencial outbursts between TBU and yourself.
Stephen Porada

Even after clarifying events to him, he apparently has his mind set on making continual trouble, but that is unimportant, even in these controversial times, TheBrickUpdate will continue to bring you "Every Bit of the Brick!" Thank you for all of your time.

And In a fashion of being more mature and witholding any urge to take down falsities, I will leave the prievious article up for viewing and comparison.

EDIT** In the above letter, it states Wilco66's spot is still open. To clarify, I have not removed him or any others from the staff here, so when someone says that I fired everyone or "Cleared out" the staff that is incorrect. In addition, I'd also like to add, that Wilco66 states that several of the authors at TBU quit "Because they were doing all the work at this site" this is an exaggeration due to the fact that I told them upon application that they would be required to be active, and I applaud them on their constant activity as well as high quality articles.

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