October 27, 2011

Film Feature

Its my pleasure to present a new weekly segment, The Film Feature! Each week, a designated staff member will be scouring the community looking for an impressive or promising brickfilm. Just a start, this is the first step back to success.

This week's feature is that of the spectacular piece of work being Bricks Of War by director Kooberz which is simply awe-inspiring.
The animation itself is simply amazing in what has to be a high and hard to achieve frame-rate with the movement of each and every element being very smooth and expertly done. In addition, what was done with the paper effects was very nice though I personally am not a fan of such an addition. Instead of that turning away viewers as myself, it actually added a very interested dynamic that when combined with other effects like that of the "blood splatter" created a realistic, mood-creating scene. Not to mention the incredible Hammer of Dawn sequence seen as well as the "smoke" after an explosion which left me with my jaw on the floor.
In preparation for this film, the trouble Alex [Kooberz Studios] went through to remake intricate details on both the Sets and the individual characters seen is very admirable. When an effort like that is presented regularly, you can obviously see the amount of care that goes into each and every production. But enough with talk... I now leave you with: Bricks of War.

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