October 22, 2011

The New TBU

First off, I'd like to thank all the staff and audience here at TheBrickUpdate for a very interesting year seeing as it is the one year anniversary of this LEGO News Blog. We've had our ups and downs here, but it has been both a learning and fun experience. Recently though, things have gotten tenuous and stressful as the site's staff and reliability has decayed. In turn, changes need to be made around here, to bring this site back up to its former height of reliability, good reputation, and audience.
The changes to come will include various upgrades, expansions and new features all of which will be decided upon with the help of our viewers, you.

New Site Host
One of the aspects that the viewers will take part in, a new site host will be chosen through a survey/ vote. Several TBU variations will be built in accordance with one another with full features, ect. Each will then be left viewable for 1 week with a survey vote posted in the sidebar of the default TBU. After viewing and participating on each separate webpage, our audience is urged to vote so that we will then be able to decide whether to continue here on BlogSpot, or to transfer this site to a new supporter. Once a definite site location has been established, the new domain url will be purchased.

Authors and Staff
The major drop-off in this site's views came with lackluster articles and little news being published. As a response, a staff of 20-30 reliable authors will be hired who will write numerous articles and will continue to bring every bit of the brick to you.

A major flaw in every project or business, and TBU being one of them, is organization. to try to prevent a future breakdown of hierarchy and order, a weekly Skype conference will be held to handle any inquiries issues, and plans for further development. It will be greatly stressed that all authors, moderators, or any other staff be present each week. If you cannot make it regularly, or you can not possess a Skype account due to other reasons, a different form of communication between you and the administration will be established.

New Segments-Expansions
With a new site, comes new places to go and things to see. After the renovation of TBU, you can expect a brand spanking new forum, an upgraded chat, a more in-depth weekly MocSpotlight, Interviews, BrickFilm Reviews, and much more. As to expansions, plans for a possible LEGO News E-magazine are in place along with a possible resale store for small retail model kit builders. In addition, the possibility of an Ad Carousel is also a probability for the future of TBU.

With more improvements to come, I just can't wait for TheBrickUpdate to get back on its feet and to start putting out reliable, regular LEGO news.

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