December 31, 2011

Brickfilms to look out for in 2012!

The last time I wrote an article about what brickfilms to look out for over the summer, only 4 (well, 2 brickfilms and part of 2 series) of the 9 brickfilms I wrote about were released. I will come back to some of those that have not yet been released in this article, as well as talking about some others.

BenTheCreator's TARDIS
1) Doctor Who: New Beginnings Part 2 (BenTheCreator)
Part One of Ben’s Doctor Who Series was exceptional. Introducing a new Doctor, a new monster, and possibly Ben’s companion throughout the rest of the series, this action packed brickfilm is one of the best takes I have seen on Doctor Who in LEGO form. Having ended on the cliffhanger, I cannot wait to see how it is resolved!
Part of the Celestial Dominion!

2) Planetfall (pizzamovies)
If Brad's update videos have been anything to go by, PlanetFall is set to be a pretty epic production. It is the LEGO production I am most looking forward to! The effort Brad is putting into this is evident, as the sets look very ambitious. He must have spent a lot of money on all the tanks, and his recent video showing his alien army is very impressive! The storyline is based on a book, as he passionately explains in one of his videos. The footage that he has showed is is flawless and it looks like his best animation to date! PlanetFall concerns all the major Earth powers having to pull together during the Second World War in order to combat an invasion by the fearsome Celestial Dominion! It features the voice acting talents of Spugesdu, DarthMilo77, thefourmonkeys, and others! 20% of the editing and 50% of the building has been completed so far!
A CGI shot from B&B

3) Squad 42: Battle and Benefaction (Spugesdu)
I live in the hope that this film will eventually be  released... The CGI looks amazingly good, but whether or not we'll get to see it in context remains to be seen. However, I'm sure that when it comes out, it really will be well worth the wait. As well as the CGI, Gareth's animation looks more fluid and the lighting in some of the preview animation looks very impressive!

4) The Package III: Deadfire (Saninatorger
Yep. After the EPIC 35 MINUTE Package II, part III is on its way. Details are few and far between, but Saminatorger's next big project looks set to be another good 'un. We'll have to wait and see where this story will take us, but it can't possibly be better than part II, can it?! I have faith! Link to a teaser Trailer for Part III
The official advertisement for Deadfire!
5) Star Wars: Cloak of Darkness (remake223)
Still from the preview scene
I always look forward to remake223's work, and his latest film, "Hunted" was very good indeed. With a unique plot and some exceptional lighting, his next work has a lot to live up to. If the preview scene is anything to go by, it certainly looks intriguing. It goes back to the events after the Phantom Menace, with Qui Gon and Obi Wan going on a mission, while Jedi Master Sifodias goes to order the production of a Clone Army to combat the fall of the Republic he has foretold... Link to preview scene

6) Doctor Who Series (SupremeDalekDunn)
A cool Doctor Who background!

Chris (or Mr Dunne) has been working hard on his Doctor Who series since he announced it a few months ago. The 8 episode series looks like an interesting bunch! The episodes are called: Fossilisation, Stow Away, A Brave New World, World Gone Wrong, Man of Medicine, Wanted, Relative Dimensions and Revelations. SupremeDalekDunn has said there will be an overall arc to his series, just as there is in the BBC TV series! I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and Who brickfilms, so I can't wait for this series! A recent Doctor Who Video by SupremeDalekDunn

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