December 31, 2011

Brickfilm Review: 501st Legion Christmas Party

Two things are guaranteed when Pizzamovies posts a Star Wars video:

  1. It's completely random
  2. It's extremely funny!
This Christmas special is absolutely no exception. Plotwise, this video is crazy. It is an Inception-type dream within a dream setup. In the first installment, the commander goes crazy and kills everyone. It's all very gruesome, as the Commander pulls a turkey out of a Clone's stomach, before commenting that eating it whole was very unhealthy! Every moment in this story is hilarious. It's stuffed with blood and gore but it all works to great comic effect. As for the voices, they are varied and all very funny. My favourite would have to be the helium Clone, who gets chucked through a window... The last freeze frame is funny and epic at the same time!

It's certainly fair to say that Pizzamovies' animation technique has vastly improved since his original 501st Legion videos! In this video, the animation felt slightly more rushed than that in the preview footage from Planetfall (which looks epic - I really cannot wait!) and Grunts, but it still looked pretty good. There was no light flicker and minimal camera movement.

It is certain that Pizzamovies has not lost his comic flair (and probably never will, until he dies...maybe). However, his animation techniques have improved suitably such that any future Star Wars videos he produces will be better than ever before! Planetfall, which seems like a more serious piece in terms of tone, also looks set to be a brickfilming masterpiece!

Plot: 8/10
Animation: 8/10
Comedy: 10/10
Voices: 10/10
Overall: 9/10 Great!

By DWSWTW52 (I'm back! After a long while...)

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