December 28, 2011

Film Feature: Lego Pizza Delivery 4

This week's Film Feature is the fourth installment in Michael Hickox's Lego Pizza Delivery series. As this is considered a sequel to the previous three films, it continues the story of a pizza delivery man who must fight against everyone in town just to make a single delivery! This time his boss offers to lend him the pizzeria's car in order to avoid more trouble, but apparently that just isn't enough. The police catch him speeding and pull him over, and when the officer sees him, he demands to have the pizza as evidence! Then the wild chase resumes once again as someone else quickly steals it away! In the end the winner is a shark because the pizza winds up landing in the water. In terms of quality, this film is excellent! It shares many of the same qualities as nearly all of Michael Hickox's films including a simple, yet clean set design, and amazing use of sound effects. Everything was great! So overall, this is certainly a film worth watching!

Animation: 9.5/10
Visual Effects: 10/10
Sound Effects: 10/10
Story: 10/10

Pros:                                                                       Cons:

- Smooth Animation                                                - None!
- Interesting Story
- Outstanding Sound Effects
- Clean Set Design
- Funny
- Creative and Original
- Good Voice Acting

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