August 14, 2012


Hey it's Blade or now self proclaimed owner of "TheBrickUpdate" as Stephan doesn't even try with this site anymore and thinks he will actually have someone buy a BLOGGER page I have decided to take over expect new staff new articles and a new blog all together.

*UPDATE* The new blog will be called for now.
If interested in being part of staff email me at


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  2. First of all you are not within any legal rights to proclaim any ownership of this blog without provided so by the current owner. Secondly, do you even know how to manage a blog?

  3. Firstly I have no intention of even using this blog the only reason I put up this post was so perhaps the oh so few viewers of this site know I am creating a new site.
    And yes I have managed this blog sometimes when stephan left.
    But the last thing I have to say is why do you even care? This blog is dead Stephan left all of his online accounts (Youtube Flickr TBU email) so it isnt like he is going to threaten legal action that I advertised a new website on his 6 month since last post blog.