January 31, 2011

LEGO Star War 3 delayed to March 22

The latest installment in the LEGO game franchise LEGO Star Wars 3 has been delayed to March 22. I would assume that this is just to fine tune it or fix any bugs and it will probably lead to a better overall game. It is good to know that the maker (traveller's tales) would rather delay the release then give the players a product that wasn't 100%.

Thanks everybody,


  1. ok my only problem with the game cover is that cad bane is driving a clone walker hm that seems to to defy physics. but anyway good news and article and thanks for posting up.

  2. i agree> Definy phycics? Like LMAN good article but the cover is very random. Other than that im a little disapointed about the release date butyeah good article!