February 25, 2011

Star Wars Miniland is on Its Way!

Well guys, when I saw these pics in my flikr box, I just had to show them to you and spread the news; so here we go:

First, we have a magnificently designed building from the Crystal Cities of Christophsis. The master builders who worked on this simply outdid themselves and they did a great job. The color sceme is simply epic and they nailed the windows perfectly. And thank you to the very gracious imperial soldiers who happily helped unpack this masterpiece!

Now we have a partial WIP A-6 Juggernaut (Turbo Tank) which is AWESOME. The top turrent especially is awesome, and I can wait to see what it'll look like with its wheels on! Aleady it is greatly coming together and I can only fantasize waht this will be used for. Perhaps a huge Ep3 Battle of Kashyyk? Maybe. We wont know until supposedly: March 31st, 2011 when this section debuts at Legoland California; cant wait!

And we thank FBTB (From Bricks To Bothans: http://fbtb.net/ ) for for providing these pictures on his flikr.


  1. God i hope they include courousant!
    I want the Jedi Temple!!!!
    (lol i spelt corousant wrong)