July 18, 2011

Brickfilms to look out for over summer!

Most readers will hopefully be on their summer holidays by now. All brickfilmers out there now probably have a lot more time to get animating and editing, and here are just a few of the many you can see released over the coming months.

1) Squad 1066 Part 4 (Bionicle28): This comedic Star Wars series has seen Jedi Knight Simag try to take control of a ridiculous squad of Clone Troopers. Part four will apparently see "over 4 minutes of lightsaber fights" and will still be as funny as the other three parts, which add up to about 25 minutes of screen time. This appears to be the final showdown in the Clone's showdown, and, judging by the trailer, it's looks epic with some amazing animation! Link to Trailer

2) Strangers Part 3 (Bionicle28): This mysterious story, started a year ago and almost forgotten, has had me hooked! Part one saw a normal man being killed by some strange men hiding in the forest, with part two following the story of a treacherous policeman! Where will Bionicle28 go next with this? It's safe to say part three will be just as great as the first two! Link to part 1

3) Hero Of Cartao (Fireguy789): Fireguy789 recently became a youtube partner, and about time too! Guns of Dubrillion, produced last year, was an excellent film ending in a defeat for the good guys. Eric's next piece of major work is called Hero of Cartao. It features some stunning CGI and animation, some intriguing characters and the new Commando Droids from CAC! I am really looking forward to seeing the finished film: Link to trailer

4) Doctor Who Series (Ben the Creator)
LEGO Doctor who brickfilms have started to become more common, but personally, I think that Ben the Creator is one of the best! His animation is faultless, and his TARDIS set is very impressive indeed! In his trailer for the first episode, there appear to be some new monsters and Ben's own made-up Doctor stars with his trusty sonic-screwdriver. Ben says "Each episode will be 7-10 minutes" Link to trailer

5) Doctor Who Series (lisaisanut)
Another great animator, the first episode in lisaisanut's series is already on You Tube and features the 11th Doctor, Amy and The Cybermen, with two new characters as well. The pace in that episode was very good and you can see :my review of it here. Anyway, the new series has Daleks and some other new foes and features BenTheCreator as a voice actor, among others. There is also some CGI in there. Can't wait! Link to Trailer

6) Clone Wars Series 2 Episode 4 onwards (LSWStoriesAnimations)
LSWStoriesAnimations is a very good animatior and his CGI is really becoming pretty amazing, with larger-scale and more realistic models. Episodes 1-3 of series 2 of his Clone Wars miniseries have been following a rogue Mandalorian and how he keeps evading Republic capture. The synopsis for part 4 is as follows:  "Following the escape of the Mandalorian from the Republic's Kessel prison facility, the Separatists launched an attack on the world of Anaxes.  The 41st Elite have now been sent in to reinforce the Republic forces." I am looking forward to it! 
Link to Episode 3

7) 501st Legion VI: Reprisals (Pizzamovies): The long-awaited sixth instalment of 501st Legion is now in production. Pizzamovies' animation talents have improved enormously since episode 1 and indeed, episode 5, signalling that this episode will be an amazing film! We've only had a short teaser, with the usual humour included (I love the smell of a bloodbath in the morning!) Hopefully it will be out by the end of summer! Link to trailer

8) Planetfall (Pizzamovies): Although this will probably not be out by the end of summer, let alone 2011, Planetfall, originally titled United We Stand, Divided we Fall, tells how aliens invade during World War II. With superior technology, they can only be defeated if all the different powers fighting against each other can become allies and push back the enemy together!

9) Squad 42 VI: Battle and Benefaction (Spugesdu): After years of waiting, part 6 is finally here after countless delays. Still, the lighting looks amazing and spugesdu's animation has also really improved. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the CGI. It's...deep breath...the most epic CGI any brickfilmer has ever produced! But he has said he prefers Stop motion so let's hope there's plenty of that too! Gareth's other upcoming projects include Rebellion IV and Archaic II, which he is producing in conjunction with DarthMilo77. Trailer for Spugesdu's films

These are only 9 of the amazing brickfilms scheduled to some out soon. Many other brickfilmers have ambitious and brilliant brickfilms planned and in productions and keep looking out for rising brickfilmers in the community on youtube!

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